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3 Key reasons to invest in Branding & Design

When looking into branding & design for your business, it can sometimes be seen as another annoying marketing expense for your business that uses up valuable funds especially when on a tight budget. However, well designed visual assets e.g. logo design & artwork will deliver value well after the work is paid for and you are able to reap the benefits of this for years to come. Every time a customer sees your product or interacts with your brand you are being repaid for that initial investment and that’s why it is important to invest a proportionate amount and get it right first time round.

“If you think that good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.” – Dr Ralf Speth (CEO, Jaguar Land Rover).

When not investing adequately, the age old saying is most certainly true. “You get what you pay for.” Getting the job done properly first time round will save you from having to get it redone as your business grows and saves you money in the long run. You want a brand you can grow into, not one that’s cutting off the blood supply!

3 Key reasons to invest in Branding & Design:

  1. Brand Appeal – Having a professional brand image that shows it has been given adequate thought and investment will be able to position a company of any size, in any market, any where in the world for success. It will allow potential customers to gain that initial trust that’s so important to driving future interaction and ultimately sales with your product or service. Similarly a brand that has obviously been done on the cheap resulting in bad design will always have an adverse affect on success.
  2. Keep It Simple – Simple is great. It allows potential customers or investors to instantly understand your story, objectives and key attributes of your business. It enables a straight forward transaction and reduces any confusion or uncertainty from customers too. Simple design, ultimately needs to be thought about properly which takes time and therefore investment to allow it to be done properly. When not done properly, your design & marketing messages can quickly become confused and cause blockages in your sales process.
  3. Build brand equity – All businesses no matter whether they are big, small or non-profit need to build brand equity to survive. A companies future and growth depend on it as it preserves the reputation and helps to ensure both new and repeat business keeps coming in. Brand equity is built through a number of different avenues including increased awareness from your audience, recognition that your product / service is worth buying and customer loyalty. Investing in good design will boost each of these areas and build your brand in the most efficient manner, saving you both time and money in the long run.

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